Country Remedy

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 42 minPG

A big-city doctor must spend his summer in the mountains in order to get his dream job, and learns the most important things of all.

Country Remedy

Recommended Age: 12+

Moral/Biblical worldview overarching throughout the movie, good character is praised, some of the main characters turn from their bad habits and lifestyles to become better people; light Christian worldview, although God is never mentioned, the main character says a short prayer in a time of crisis and that crisis is remedied; no foul language; light violence in that a bully pushes around other kids, there is a scene where a woman is in labor and has to have a C-section, nothing graphic is shown, but there is blood and the incision on her belly is shown, a woman coughs up blood; implied sex/fornication, pregnant girl refers to the father as her "husband" but then reveals that they’re not actually married; light alcohol use, man is drinking a beer at his house, the handyman begins his first few shifts drunk; brief cigarette use; the kids claim that the forest has magical powers and that they have to find their own secret power, one boy thinks he receives these powers, a boy wants revenge, child lies to his father, and, bullying.


Country Remedy


CastBellamy Young, Amber Benson, Cameron Bancroft, Aidan Mitchell, Zac Gardner, Edie McClurg, Joshua Leonard

WritingAndrew C. Erin, Peter Ferland

Directed byAndrew C. Erin

ProductionTosca Musk