The Bill Collector

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 37 min

When the time comes to pay back $150,000, a man turns to help from a pastor. What he gets is an unexpected lesson in faith.

Parental Warning: Violence

The Bill Collector

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong, evangelistic Christian worldview where multiple characters are saved and many scenes are set in an inner city mission, plus marriage between man and woman is valued but a sexual impropriety between protagonist and his girlfriend and with a vulnerable employee is suggested; no foul language; a drive-by shooting may overwhelm really young viewers, a character is tackled into a river, and protagonist is threatened with a knife; no sex scenes but implied fornication between protagonist and girlfriend and protagonist slightly sexually harasses a new woman worker from the inner city mission; no nudity; alcohol use and drunkenness; smoking; and, mismanagement of pets is depicted as a character intentionally overfeeds his boss’s fish until they die, plus gambling and racism.


The Bill Collector


CastDanny Trejo, Gary Moore, David Krusen, Ron Kenoly