The Hunters

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 29 minPG

The chase is on for two brothers to rescue their parents and a famous magical object that's been stolen.

The Hunters

Recommended Age: 15+

Very strong moral/biblical worldview as the guardian warriors fight to protect ancient or fabled relics from being used for evil that would do harm to others; no foul language; brief action violence sequences of fistfights and some guns fired, but no blood shown; passionate kiss; upper male nudity as Pax looks for tuxedo shirt; no alcohol; no smoking, but character falls asleep after she bites a poisoned/drugged apple; and, lying, stealing, kidnapping, betrayal, and greed for power at any cost but rebuked.


The Hunters


CastRobbie Amell, Alexa Vega, Victor Garber

WritingMatthew Huffman, Jeff Schecter, Joshua Williamson

Directed byNisha Ganatra

ProductionIan Birkett, Nisha Ganatra, Janet M. Morrison, Jason Netter, Heather Puttock


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