Dude, Where's My Dog

Average rating: 2.9
1 hr 22 minPG

Left home alone with his dog, young Ray finds himself in unseen trouble when Harry gets loose and runs into the wrong house.

Parental Warning: Mild Language

Dude, Where's My Dog

Recommended Age: 9+

A positive moral worldview with learning responsibility; two light profanities including h**l and an OMG; a man jokes about walking into a woman’s locker room; a boy is kidnapped; a boy is said to "fart like a god;" parents are portrayed in a moderately ridiculous light with slight family disunion and a boy is slightly disrespectful to his parents.


Dude, Where's My Dog


CastDan Glenn, Kevin P. Farley, Trish Cook, Kim Hamilton

WritingStephen Langford

Directed byStephen Langford

ProductionStephen Langford, Sofia Monroe, Bruce Nahin