Different Drummers

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 48 minPG

When David, in a wheelchair with muscular dystrophy, accurately foretells the death of their fourth grade teacher, a doubtful Lyle decides to test the existence of God by attempting to get David to run again.

Different Drummers

Recommended Age: 5+

Very strong Christian, biblical, moral worldview; one vulgarity plus minor crude humor; mild brief violence, such as two characters pricking their fingers with a knife and drawing blood, two boys holding another boy down and shooting him with a BB gun, a wrestling match on the playground, a wheelchair accident results in wounds; no sexual content; natural upper male nudity in pool scenes; one reference to alcohol being used to kill spiders; one character shown smoking a pipe; and, trespassing and family arguing.


Different Drummers


CastBrayden Tucker, Ethan Reed McKay, Colleen Carey

WritingDon Caron, Lyle Hatcher

Directed byDon Caron, Lyle Hatcher