Man Up

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 40 min

Suburban father of girls is tasked with helping a wayward, neighborhood boy learn how to become a man.

Man Up

Recommended Age: 12+

Mild Christian worldview and redemptive elements including references to prayer, heaven, God, the Lord, and the human soul/spirit, strong depiction of biblical moral values including wisdom, honesty, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, encouragement, the value of family is emphasized, especially the father/son and the father/daughter relationship; mild pagan worldview reference with a group of men shown dancing around a fire, attempting to reclaim the "sacred masculine", summoning strength from "Mother Sky" and "Father Rock"; mild language with one non-biblical use of the word hell, man says, "Thank God" flippantly; mild violence with a man suggesting tasering, punching, and spraying a boy with a fire hose, violent initiation rites from other cultures are described, a man is said to have been killed and hung from a roof; light sexual content with a kiss shared by a married couple, circumcision is mentioned; mild nudity with a boy shown running across a football field wearing only his underwear, a whole group of shirtless men are shown dancing around a fire; mild drinking with a couple drinking wine together, a man mentions going to a bar, a man is implied to be drunk; eighth grade boy takes a pack of cigarettes from his mom’s purse but doesn’t actually smoke them, a man tells a boy to say "no" to drugs; divorce, stealing, materialism.


Man Up


CastKevin Sorbo, J.J. Rodgers, Scott Baker

WritingHoward Klausner

Directed byHoward Klausner