1500 Steps

Average rating: 3
1 hr 39 min

1500 Steps is a transforming journey towards self-belief and brilliance. Jobe has inherited his father’s athletic ability and love for running. A retired ex-Olympian, Harry White, sets about mentoring his athletic ability of running.

1500 Steps

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian, moral worldview shows the destruction of poor choices and that hard work pays off, man says, "You think God has deserted you, but he’s close; he’s here," Hebrews 12:1 is read aloud, passionate prayers are prayed in times of need; no foul language but there is some name calling, especially directed at a boy who’s deaf; rugby violence, fighting with punching and wrestling where knife is pulled, kids are punched and bullied; no sex; upper male nudity on rugby field and beach; alcoholism is a subject; boy suffers drug overdose after someone drugs his drink out of spite; and, bullying, jealousy and malice.


1500 Steps


CastAlex Fechine, Laura Jane Benson, Jack Matthews

WritingMaurine Gibbons

Directed byJosh Reid

ProductionPeter Cameron


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