Almost Home

Average rating: 3.1
1 hr 12 min

Valerie must enlist the help of friends, neighbors, and even the local police to find her father and her daughter before it’s too late.

Almost Home

Recommended Age: All Ages

Biblical worldview of the importance of family love and not taking time with them for granted, generosity, kindness, and helping others; stained glass picture of Jesus in church, cross shown in church, positive, though somewhat vague portrayal of God and religion, comment on guidance from the LORD, shows the importance of prayer, implied angelic voice heard with bright light; comment about tobacco; girl is occasionally disrespectful to grandpa.


Almost Home


CastBella Mancuso, John Lina, Erica House

WritingTom Whitus

Directed byTom Whitus

ProductionTom Whitus