40 Nights

Average rating: 3.4
1 hr 26 min

Jesus embarks into the wilderness for 40 nights.

40 Nights

Recommended Age: 15+

Very strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements, with Christ being portrayed at the beginning of His earthly ministry, Jesus is shown being baptized by John the Baptist, quoting Scripture, praying, references are made to Christ as the Messiah, fearing the Lord, the Lord’s Prayer, Yahweh, and the Torah; very strong depiction of Biblical moral values including respect, love, peace, obedience, truth, generosity, mercy, kindness, faith, wisdom, compassion; some questionable creative liberties taken in the portrayal of Christ that warrants caution; no profanity or obscenities; some violence with a man shown having his hand nailed to a cross, a man’s death by beheading is described, a man’s death by torture and crucifixion is described, a man strikes another man with a staff; light sexual content with a woman tempting a man by speaking of giving him "the pleasures of men;" no nudity; no drinking; no smoking; lying, pride, cruelty.


40 Nights


CastDJ Perry, Rance Howard

WritingDJ Perry

Directed byJesse Low

ProductionCurt Kufner, Tonia Kufner, Rebecca Lawlor