A Place in the Heart

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 42 min

Forgiving a friend is the hardest thing for a friend to do.

A Place in the Heart

Recommended Age: 9+

Dominant biblical worldview focuses on the importance of forgiving others before it’s too late; No foul language; No violence; light sexual content including two characters kissing, and a character betrays her boyfriend by dating another man; No nudity; No alcohol use; No smoking and/or drug use; Low level of miscellaneous immorality such as poor role models and dysfunctional family portrayals.


A Place in the Heart


CastKevin Sorbo, Jason Burkey, Shelly Long, Ben Davies

WritingBrad Allen, Jason Burkey, Chuck Howard

Directed bySpenser Frits, Brad Allen, Chuck Howard

ProductionBrad Allen, Jeremy Boz, Amanda Dillingham, Chuck Howard, Martin Michael


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  • About Relationships
  • Romantic
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