The Reconciler

Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 26 min

An intriguing stranger tries to bring friends and family members who have been torn apart, together again. As he tries to get others to reconcile their differences, his motives still remain a mystery.

The Reconciler

Recommended Age: 9+

Very strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements including prayer, church, Christian outreach through a soup kitchen, repentance, faith, forgiveness, Bible verses, and references made to God, moral boundaries, angels, heaven, and eternity; very strong depiction of biblical moral values including love, grace, gratefulness, mercy, reconciliation, and the value of family; no profanities or obscenities; mild violence with men kidnapped and locked in a warehouse, police get locked in their vehicle, a man is locked in a chest, boy almost falls off a cliff, a car accident and a plane crash are mentioned; light patriotic content with the depiction of a soldier who is said to have voluntarily served several deployments; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; anger, bitterness.


The Reconciler


CastRoddy Piper, Sherry Morris, Robert Shepherd

WritingShawn Justice, Scott Galbraith

Directed byShawn Justice

ProductionShawn Justice, Sean Skelding