Sex as God's Gift

Episode 30 hr 27 min

Part 3 - The Reality of Teen Pregnancy

Parental Advisory: This series addresses mature subjects and is intended for teenagers and young adults. Part 3 The Reality of Teen Pregnancy -- What is it like to be pregnant as an unmarried teen? Mary walks through the decisions youth will need to make. Abortion may seem like an easy and clean remedy to teen pregnancy, but it is not. Mary explains the reaPartlity of abortion. She shares stories from teens who have had abortions and the horror they have been through. Teens will see how much it costs to have and raise a baby and why most teenage mothers will live in poverty for many years. Boys will also learn of the new economic realities they face if they father a child, as it will have an economic impact on them for the next 18 years.

Average rating: 4
Part 3 - The Reality of Teen Pregnancy


CastMary Ronan

NarratorMary Ronan

WritingMary Ronan

Directed byBruce Colgate

ProductionBill, Linda Curtis, Michael Marcari