Sex as God's Gift

Episode 40 hr 22 min

Part 4 - Sexuality as a Gift

Parental Advisory: This series addresses mature subjects and is intended for teenagers and young adults. Part 4 Sexuality as a Gift -- In this program Mary shows how sex is a wonderful gift from God. We see how we only hurt ourselves if we misuse the gift of sex. Mary helps teens to understand the consequences of premarital sex and that God wants us to appreciate sex as His gift and the means to create life with Him. Young people will be in a much better position to deal with internal sexual pressures, peer pressures and misinformation the media feeds them.

Average rating: 3
Part 4 - Sexuality as a Gift


CastMary Ronan

NarratorMary Ronan

WritingMary Ronan

Directed byBruce Colgate

ProductionBill, Linda Curtis, Michael Marcari