Catching Faith

Average rating: 3.3
1 hr 28 min

When their son loses his spot on the football team, the Taylor Family questions what they thought was most important.

Catching Faith

Recommended Age: 5+

Light Christian worldview with strong moral elements buy brief mentions of faith and Jesus; no foul language; no violence; some romance with a kiss at the end of the movie; two scenes with upper male nudity; no alcohol use; no smoking or drug use; and, some lying and immoral relationship decisions.


Catching Faith


CastLorena Segura York, Garrett Westton, Bill Engvall, Bethany Peterson, Dariush A. Moslemi

WritingJohn K.D. Graham, , Alexandra Boylan

Directed byJohn K.D. Graham

ProductionAlexandra Boylan, Richard W. King


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