Classic Lone Ranger

Episode 50 hr 23 min

The Lone Ranger's Triumph

The Lone Ranger, still on the trail of Butch Cavendish and his gang, sends Tonto to the town of Colby to organize a posse with the sheriff. Tonto receives no help, and the suspicion is a number of people in the town are working for Cavandish. The Lone Ranger must launch a daring plan to foil the Cavendish gang's plan to take over the town of Colby.

Average rating: 3.7
The Lone Ranger's Triumph


CastClayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Glenn Strange

WritingGeorge B. Seitz Jr., Fran Striker, George W. Trendle

Directed byGeorge B. Seitz Jr.

ProductionJack Chertok, Harry Poppe, George W. Trendle