Classic Topper

Episode 10 hr 25 min

The Proposal

Sophisticated but stuffy Cosmo Topper and his wife Henrietta live in a Los Angeles house they bought from the estate of George and Marion Kerby, a young couple who died in an avalanche. Topper discovers his new home is haunted by the former occupants as well as Neil, the St. Bernard that attempted to rescue them. Strangely, Topper is the only one able to see or hear them and their antics, as they try to get him to loosen up in his life.

Average rating: 3.8
The Proposal


CastAnne Jeffreys, Robert Sterling, Leo G. Carroll

WritingGeorge Oppenheimer, Thorne Smith

Directed byLew Landers

ProductionJohn W. Loveton, Bernard Schubert