Classic Wagon Train

Episode 30 hr 50 min

The Dr. Denker Story

The wagon train comes upon a terrified young boy who has just seen his father murdered by a bandit gang. Bill and Flint take him under their wing and try to help him recover; but embittered Civil War vet, Ed Beaufort, tells the boy that taking vengeance on the men who killed his father is the best way to recover. Soon, a traveling musician, Dr. Denker, joins the wagon train and he and Billy hit it off, but it soon becomes evident that Billy and the doctor had a connection prior to their joining the wagon train.

Average rating: 3.4
The Dr. Denker Story


CastJohn McIntire, Robert Horton, Theodore Bikel

WritingWilliam Douglas Lansford, Steven Ritch

Directed byFrank Arrigo

ProductionHoward Christie, Frederick Shorr