Wish for Christmas

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 36 min

When a high school senior learns from her parents that she will have to miss the town's winter dance to attend a Christmas Eve service at church, she successfully wishes their faith away.

Wish for Christmas

Recommended Age: 9+

Strong Christian worldview encouraging one to live life for the glory of Christ, very positive representation of pastor and church family, nativity scenes focused on, emphasis on the importance of prayer and Bible reading; strong Biblical emphasis on being selfless, generous, and compassionate; girl wears low cut top and strapless dresses with light cleavage; girl is disrespectful to parents and God, girl is a bully in school.


Wish for Christmas


CastJoey Lawrence, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Anna Fricks

WritingAlexandra Boylan, John K.D. Graham

Directed byJohn K.D. Graham