Miracle Maker

Average rating: 3.8
1 hr 30 min

Everyone is excited after receiving the news that the renowned “man of wonders” is coming to their village. Does the humble traveler who appears meet their expectations?

Miracle Maker

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong Christian, biblical worldview, townspeople have faith to know God will send miracles to help ease their hardships, glorifies church, God, Jesus and prayer, families go to church, pray and read the Bible together, promotes mercy, faithfulness, honoring ones parents, compassion and love; no foul language or obscene gestures; light action violence, boy and girl fall off horses on a bumpy trail and girl is violently thrown across the path and ends up with a bloody scratch on her face; no sexual content or immorality, with man and woman kiss on their wedding day; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking to drug use; and, light miscellaneous immorality includes greed, selfishness, pride, and a bad role model.


Miracle Maker


CastKalea Atkinson, Karen Baird, Dave Bresnahan

WritingSally Meyer, Gale Sears

Directed byJohn Lyde