A Christmas Snow

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 51 min

Stuck inside her home during a blizzard, a bitter restaurateur learns about the true meaning of Christmas with the help of an old man and a youngster.

A Christmas Snow

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong evangelistic Christian, biblical movie with repeated readings of the Nativity Story about the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, explicit testimony of being saved, and explicit requests for grown daughter to be saved, with a character that may be a ghost a la THE SIXTH SENSE but it’s more ambiguous; no foul language; light violence but no blood includes man gets hit by car, two teenage robbers hit man with skateboard, woman gets word of father’s death; no sex or sexual immorality but two characters at restaurant seem to somewhat effeminate; no nudity; no alcohol; no smoking; and, discussion of therapist in scene where young girl tries to psychoanalyze young woman.


A Christmas Snow


CastMuse Watson, Catherine Mary Stewart, Cameron Ten Napel, Anthony Tyler Quinn, Jim Stovall

WritingTracy Trost, Candace Lee

Directed byTracy Trost