Welcome to Paradise

Average rating: 3.7
1 hr 50 minPG

Pastor Debbie has transferred to a small church in Paradise, Texas where the community is in need of guidance back to God.

Parental Warning: Language (OMG)

Welcome to Paradise

Recommended Age: 12+

Very strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements including the depiction of several church services, a choir singing the doxology, hymns and gospel music is played/sung throughout, Scripture is quoted several times, references are made to prayer, Jesus, God, the Lord, Jonah, a miracle, a cross, faith and the human soul/spirit, very strong depiction of biblical moral values including peace, compassion, ministering to the homeless, love, grace, generosity, kindness, gratefulness, reconciliation, the value of family is emphasized, especially the mother/son relationship; mild language with one profanity and one obscenity, a man says, "Lord knows" and "God bless America" flippantly; mild violence with a boy punching another boy in the face, a church is shown burning down; light sexual content with references to "boobs", a man wears lipstick and exhibits some feminine mannerisms; no nudity; mild drinking with a man shown drinking whiskey, men sit in a bar and play cards; teenage boys smoke a cigarette; materialism, disrespect, pride.


Welcome to Paradise


CastCrystal Bernard, Bobby Edner, Brian Dennehy

WritingWilliam Shockley, Brent Huff

Directed byBrent Huff

ProductionPatrick Stack


  • Power of Prayer
  • For Hopeless Romantics
  • Exclusive
  • About Relationships
  • Romantic
  • Inspiring