Flight 29 Down

Episode 50 hr 22 min

Until Proven Guilty

Everyone is still upset with Eric for breaking the lighter and everyone gets a new responsibility except for him. Nathan is still trying to talk to Daley about their "relationship" now that she knows about Nathan's crush on her but she keeps changing the subject. They then find that the plane has washed up on the shore and alert the others to their good fortune. They begin to decide whether to move up to the campsite, but realize they need more food, water, and fire before they begin.

Average rating: 3.7
Until Proven Guilty


CastCorbin Bleu, Allen Alvarado, Hallee Hirsh, Jeremey Kissner, Johnny Pacar, Lauren Storm, Kristy Wu

WritingD.J. MacHale

Directed bySteve De Jarnatt