Flight 29 Down

Episode 80 hr 22 min


Everybody finds mysterious notes, saying "It's coming". Everyone thinks it's Lex, until it appears to be Taylor, who wants to organize a holiday! She wants everyone to dress up and gives a present to the group. Everyone has problems with this until they finally come around and admit that they like the idea of a holiday. Except Daley, who appears to have bad memories of holidays in general, because they are tied to her memory of her mother. Reversely, Lex has a good association with holiday, because when he and his mother celebrated their first Christmas ...

Average rating: 3.8


CastCorbin Bleu, Allen Alvarado, Hallee Hirsh, Jeremey Kissner, Johnny Pacar, Lauren Storm, Kristy Wu

WritingD.J. MacHale

Directed byD.J. MacHale