HAV Faith: Trailer

Average rating: 4
0 hr 3 min

Hamilton A. Vaughn a former promoter, better known as HAV, experiences a life changing incident that catapults him to the forefront of prominent Mission Church.

Parental Warning: Adult Situations, Intense Scenes, Mature Subjects, Mild Language

HAV Faith: Trailer
HAV Faith: Trailer


CastTerron Brooks, Gary Sturgis, Brooklyn Tankard, Akintunde, Shante King, , Xamon Glasper, Jackie Wade, Michelle Lynn, Micah Hanson, Barry Scott, Gloria Blakemore Walker, Anthony Randolph, Morgan Collier, Santiago Cirilo, Percy Bell, Rico Moody, Glennis Tavares, Raymond Williams, Sharita E. Bell, Latoya Gardner, Dion Harris, Akili Jordan

WritingHoward L. Bell IV

Directed byHoward L. Bell IV

ProductionSharita E. Bell