Where Love Found Me: Trailer

Average rating: 4
0 hr 2 minPG

A selfish young filmmaker ventures into the streets of the fourth world to document crime, but instead forms a relationship with a street kid and decides instead of just documenting, he wants to help.

Where Love Found Me: Trailer
Where Love Found Me: Trailer


Directed byDavid Bolt

CastKaitlin Cheung, Andrew Cheney Andrew Cheney, James Kyson, Brian Fong, Jennifer Klekas, Max Mendoza, Marcus Natividad, Ronnie Lazaro, Madeleine Nicolas

WritingBrian Godawa, Austin Sheeley, David Bolt, Tom Pfingsten

ProductionMichael Bayer, David Bolt, Steve Bolt, Cheryl McKay, Tom Pfingsten, Lacey Scott


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