2nd Greatest

Average rating: 3.8
2 hr 7 minPG

2nd Greatest is based on incredible true stories set in the backdrop of beautiful Golden, Colorado. It's an inspirational film about loving your neighbor, forgiveness and redemption and the power of community.

Parental Warning: Mild Language

2nd Greatest
2nd Greatest


Directed byNathan Blair

CastHeath Arthur, Jude Moran Jude Moran, Scott Piper Scott Piper, Billy Joe Patton Billy Joe Patton, Mike Flack Mike Flack, Kayla Bergholz Kayla Bergholz, Kevin Shive Kevin Shive, Elisa Vasquez Elisa Vasquez, Jeff Connell Jeff Connel, Steve Pouliot, Stephen Fuller Austin

WritingNathan Blair

ProductionNathan Blair, Dave Bolis, Regina Chambers, Roy Chambers, Ken Erwin, Mike Flack, Art Hatfield, Lisa Hatfield, Bob Jung, Glenn Moore, Dan Thoemke, Craig Vander Laan, Lena Vander Laan