Episode 60 hr 22 min

You Drive Me Crazy

Lizzie avoids the attentions of the persistent Collin while trying to understand the demands of her moody client, Mr. Darcy. Elinor takes the IRS agent, Edward Ferrars to see a client and her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. While they wait for help she gets to know him better and as she relates to Marianne and Emma, she found herself growing attracted to him.

Average rating: 3.7
You Drive Me Crazy


Directed byBrian Brough

CastDanielle Chuchran, Elise Groves, Kristen Jensen, Shona Kay, Brad Johnson, Gavin Bentley, Allan Groves, Paul D. Hunt

WritingBrittany Wiscombe

ProductionBrian Brough, Anthony Straga