321 Penguins

Episode 250 hr 25 min

Between an Asteroid And A Hard Place

Cavitus attacks the Penguin ship with his newest weapon, but something goes wrong and Cavitus and Michelle end up trapped in a hollow asteroid together. Naturally, their first instinct is to fight.

Average rating: 3.8
Between an Asteroid And A Hard Place


Directed byTod Carter

CastQuinn Lord, Michael Dobson, Claire Corlett, John Payne, Paul Dobson, Michael Donovan, Lee Tockar

WritingNathan Carlson, Phill Lollar, Jeff Parker

ProductionTime Hodge, Sean Roche, J. Chris Wall, Joe Barruso

WritingRobert G. Lee

ProductionTerry Pefanis, Tim Hodge

Directed byJoe Barruso