That Girl

Episode 110 hr 26 min

What's in a Name?

Ann's attempt to adopt a stage name based on a suggestion from her agent is met with disapproval from her parents. The recycled version of the original pilot episode.

Average rating: 3.6
What's in a Name?


Directed byHenri Falk

CastBonnie Scott, Ronnie Schell, Dabney Coleman, Harold Gould

WritingBill Persky & Sam Denoff

ProductionSam Denoff, Bill Persky

CastMarlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Bernie Kopell, Rosemary DeCamp

WritingSam Denoff, Bill Persky

Directed byBob Sweeney, Sidney Miller, David McDearmon, Jerry Davis, Seymour Robbie, John Erman

ProductionJerry Davis