The Danny Thomas Show

Episode 300 hr 25 min

Gina for President

As the battle of the sexes heats up between Danny and Kathy, Gina gets a phone call to tell her that she's been nominated to run for Class President. It's wonderful news, except she's running against her steady boyfriend, Buck. Danny backs Buck and Kathy helps Gina in their respective campaigns, until some ugly leaflets are floated around the school urging students to "Vote American." Buck is hurt for Gina and steps aside and Gina accepts to the applause of every student assembled in the school auditorium.

Gina for President


Directed bySheldon Leonard

CastDanny Thomas, Marjorie Lord, Rusty Hamer, Angela Cartwright, Annette Funicello

WritingJack Elinson, Charles Stewart

ProductionSheldon Leonard


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