The King's Messengers: Trailer

Average rating: 2.6
0 hr 1 min

Coming March 1, The King's Messengers is a mini-series about two refugees surviving in the fictional war-torn country of Zanora. Anwaar and David must learn to overcome their differences and work together to outsmart the dangerous Resistance Army. Along the way they learn to go deeper in their own faith journey.

The King's Messengers: Trailer
The King's Messengers: Trailer


Directed byJoshua Knudsen

CastChristopher Veldhuizen, Daniel Knudsen, Kristina Kaylen, Damion Stevenson

WritingDamion Stevenson, Daniel Knudsen, Kristina Kaylen

ProductionKirstina Kaylen, Mark A. Knudsen, Michelle Knudsen