The King's Messengers

Episode 50 hr 23 min

Who are we in Christ?

David and Anwaar happen upon some fellow refugees who have a bible belonging to Allen Sutherland. This discovery excites David and he wants to return to the city where it was found. However, Anwaar disagrees that it is something they should further pursue. Unable to come to a compromise, David sets out on his own to see if he can find his brother Allen.

Average rating: 3.8
Who are we in Christ?


Directed byJoshua Knudsen, Kristina Kaylen

CastChristopher Veldhuizen, Daniel Knudsen, Damion Stevenson, Kristina Kaylen, Mike Tremblay

WritingDamion Stevenson, Daniel Knudsen, Kristina Kaylen

ProductionKristina Kaylen, Mark A. Knudsen, Michelle Knudsen