After Columbine

Episode 30 hr 35 min

Part Three: Hope

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"It wasn't a storm I chose to go through but ... I started to find hope in knowing that we all have storms in our lives. And no storm lasts forever." - Evan Todd, Columbine survivor Hope is a truly powerful phenomena, as it can empower us to survive the unthinkable — and inspire us to move forward. In episode three of "After Columbine" we learn about the remarkable heroics that saved lives, and the hope that has helped survivors move forward. Discover "hope."

Average rating: 3.7
Part Three: Hope


Directed byBilly Hallowell, Sarah Hartland, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

CastCraig Scott, Evan Todd, Missy Mendo, Coni Sanders, Bruce Porter, Eric Ebling, Grant Whitus, Claire Marton, Monte Fleming, Becky Thompson

WritingBilly Hallowell, Sarah Hartland, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

ProductionBilly Hallowell, Sarah Hartland, Dave Migdal, AustinBree Fox Pahnke, Greg Gudorf

narratorBilly Hallowell