Pure Talk: Answering Atheists

Episode 20 hr 19 min

Dr. Jason Lisle

Is there proof that God created man and the universe at large? Dr. Jason Lisle is a astrophysicist, author and speaker for Answers in Genesis. In this special episode of "Pure Talk: Answering Atheists," watch as host Billy Hallowell and Lisle discuss the ultimate proof of creation, the "secret code of creation" and the Word of God.

Average rating: 3.9
Dr. Jason Lisle


Directed byBilly Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

CastBilly Hallowell, Dr. Jason Lisle

WritingBilly Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

ProductionBilly Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke, Greg Gudorf