Scion: Trailer

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A mysterious stranger offers a teen the chance at her dream life. Instead, she wakes in a nightmare where no one recognizes her and she's a wanted criminal on the run. Her only ally is an estranged childhood friend. They must stay ahead of the police and find the elusive stranger in order to return home, all while discovering what true identity is.

Scion: Trailer
Scion: Trailer


CastGrace Fine, Kristen Lester, David Rash, Jordan Lane, Don Fine, Daphne Fine, Glory Fine, Jamaal Curry, Laura Kelly, Zach Miller, Scott Piper, Julie Piper, Candace Dixon, Olivia Curtis, Kyle Gaylord, Grant Speed, Jonathan Rash, Brenden Kolin, Officer Robert Parks, Jacob Parks, Jeanette Lane, Hannah Thomas, Sarah Henson

WritingNathan Blair, Jennifer Prus

Directed byNathan Blair

ProductionNathan Blair, Jennifer Prus