Restored with Missy Robertson

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NaN seasonsOctober 2019

"Restored With Missy Robertson" is a touching, four-part series that focuses on "Duck Dynasty" star Missy Robertson’s quest to transform women’s lives through Laminin - a unique, jewelry company that works to equip, empower, and enrich the lives of women in crisis.  More than a business, Laminin is a place women go after they leave prison, escape trafficking, overcome addiction or need a reboot. "Restored" features raw and honest discussions with the Robertsons and the women they have helped — stories centered on faith and radical recovery.

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects

Restored with Missy Robertson
Restored with Missy Robertson


Directed byMissy Robertson, Billy Hallowell, Cole Prine, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

CastMissy Robertson

WritingBilly Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

ProductionMissy Robertson, Billy Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke