Restored with Missy Robertson

Episode 40 hr 22 min

Miss Kay's Unheard Story

Miss Kay is widely known as the fun and jovial Robertson family matriarch, but life wasn't always easy. In fact, early on in her marriage her husband, Phil, was a heavy drinker and the two had a rocky marriage — to say the least. Watch Miss Kay tell the full story of restoration that brought them to Christ and paved the way to a healthy marriage and life.

Average rating: 3.9
Miss Kay's Unheard Story


Directed byMissy Robertson, Billy Hallowell, Cole Prine, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

CastMiss Kay Robertson, Billy Hallowell, Missy Robertson

WritingBilly Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke

ProductionMissy Robertson, Billy Hallowell, AustinBree Fox Pahnke