Paper Dream

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When one woman can't get pregnant, will she be able to move on from her dreams of motherhood and learn to be content?

Paper Dream

Recommended Age: 12+

Strong Biblical worldview, main characters mention going to church and they both read the Bible multiple times throughout the film, God is mentioned multiple times in a positive manner; Strong Christian worldview throughout the film, main character questions God’s plan but still states and believes that He is in control, other characters encourage with scripture and positive Christian advice, a friend tells her that "anything is possible with God;" No foul language, brief mention of vomiting because of morning sickness; Light violence, brief mention of abortion, described as a girl who is going to "kill her baby;" Light sexual content including an out of wedlock teenage pregnancy, implied fornication; No alcohol or drug use; Examples of a dysfunctional marriage because of tension caused by the failed pregnancy attempts, examples of dysfunctional sibling relationships also caused by failed pregnancy tension.


Paper Dream



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