Sons of Thunder

Episode 10 hr 34 min

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

In a Texas border town, Simon prevents cartel soldiers from kidnapping a local rancher's son. Grateful, the stiff-nosed rancher gives Simon a much needed job. While checking fences, God's Greater Plan is revealed when Simon comes across a young Mexican woman fleeing for her life.

Average rating: 3.6
Mi Casa Es Su Casa


Directed byLoren Gilley

CastRandal Reeder, Michael Kruger, Jon Glenn, Mayra Leal, Sam Medina, Mavrick Von Haug, Vanessa Angel, Dave Maldonado, Randall Armstrong, Isaiah Hernandez, Ziko Farajzada, Chris Campos, Joseph Campos, Cody Loving, William Renfro

WritingAmos Elseth

ProductionDavid A.R. White, Randal Reeder, JB Barrett, Michael Kruger, Remy Carter, Richard Reeder, Michael Scott, Jim Ameduri, Anna Zielinksi, Kimberly Bliquez