Sons of Thunder

Episode 30 hr 36 min

Hunter Hunted

After hitting a deer with his motorcycle, Simon is given a place to stay by a woman who's game ranch is plagued by poachers. He discovers two poor brothers just trying to feed their families.

Average rating: 3.8
Hunter Hunted


Directed byLoren Gilley

CastRandal Reeder, Gigi Erneta, Jeffrey Decker, Benjamin Schille, Mavrick Von Haug, Vanessa Angel, Brian Martinez, Rebecca Brose, Katie Elseth, Richard 'Nitro' Kimes

WritingAmos Elseth

ProductionDavid A.R. White, Randal Reeder, JB Barrett, Michael Kruger, Remy Carter, Richard Reeder, Michael Scott, Jim Ameduri, Anna Zielinksi, Kimberly Bliquez