Sons of Thunder

Episode 70 hr 33 min

Brother's Keeper Part 2

His bike hidden and set at odds with Lee, Simon continues work at the bike shop. But when his old club rolls into town, Simon has to let go and move on, or confront his past.

Average rating: 3.8
Brother's Keeper Part 2


Directed bySam Medina, Gabriel Sabloff

CastRandal Reeder, Mavrick Von Haug, Alec Rayme, Rex Mundo, Tom Zembrod, Stevie Ray, Don Swayze, Chaz Taylor, Martin Elfrey, Tony Arredondo

WritingAmos Elseth

ProductionDavid A.R. White, Randal Reeder, JB Barrett, Michael Kruger, Remy Carter, Richard Reeder, Michael Scott, Jim Ameduri, Anna Zielinksi, Kimberly Bliquez