The Encounter

Episode 10 hr 45 min

The Gift

A frustrated stay-at-home mom wishes for the exciting life she never had, but when she gets exactly what she wished for, THE MAN helps her realize it may not be as great as it seems. 

Average rating: 3.8
The Gift


Directed byBrent Ryan Green

CastBruce Marchiano, Robert Rodenbach, Ashley Bratcher, Jeremy Carr, Marilyn Marie Dabney, Kate Dailey, Audrey Fafard, Elias Kemuel, Cadie Poff, Leticia Robles, Allison Weber, Durell Bowes, AJ MacQuarrie

WritingLuke Cheeseman, Jim Frye

ProductionBrent Ryan Green, Danny Roth, John Mehrer, Danny H. Chan, Mike Zhou, David A.R. White, Michael Scott, Jim Ameduri, Anna Zielinski

narratorBruce Marchiano