Ryan Defrates: Secret Agent

Episode 30 hr 24 min

Courageous Scaredy Cat

Toys everywhere are disappearing and Kackle the clown and his army of monkeys are behind it! Special agent Ryan Defrates is called in on the case. But there’s a problem. Ryan is terrified of clowns! What can he do to overcome his fear to save the day? Key Theme: Courage - True courage is doing the right thing even when you are afraid.

Average rating: 3.7
Courageous Scaredy Cat


Directed byRobert Fernandez

CastChris Burnett, Marieve Herington, Akai Draco, Stephanie Nadolny, Amber Larriva, R. Bruce Elliot

WritingJeremy White, Kendra White

ProductionJeff Chamblee