Sam and Nia

Episode 80 hr 4 min

Symphony Lost Her First Tooth

This episode is cool because we have the chance to see how a lot of our memories connect. We might not even realize how much without the ability to look back on things. Symphony loses her first tooth in this episode and Abram (only 3 years old) expresses his fear for when he will lose his first tooth. Then we fast forward to present day vlogs to see Abram bravely pulling his first tooth out. 

Average rating: 2.7
Symphony Lost Her First Tooth


Directed bySamuel Rader, Nia Rader

CastSamuel Rader, Nia Rader, Symphony Rader, Abram Rader, Juliet Rader

WritingSamuel Rader, Nia Rader

ProductionSamuel Rader, Nia Rader