Sam and Nia

Episode 110 hr 8 min

10 Year Wedding Anniversary 

What’s so special about this vlog is that our audience has walked with us through the best of times and the worst of times in our marriage. They know things about us that most would normally never know about someone, so here we get to bring them into our vow renewal where we confess and promise things in front of our family friends for the years to come in our marriage. We went all out!! Wedding 2.0!

Average rating: 4
10 Year Wedding Anniversary 


Directed bySamuel Rader, Nia Rader

CastSamuel Rader, Nia Rader, Symphony Rader, Abram Rader, Juliet Rader

WritingSamuel Rader, Nia Rader

ProductionSamuel Rader, Nia Rader