Set Free (2011)

Average rating: 3.2
0 hr 36 minNR

A film touching on the subject of abortion and how God can help heal anything.

Parental Warning: Mature Subjects

Set Free (2011)

Recommended Age: 12+

Strong Christian, and Biblical worldview pertaining to the redemption and healing that God can bring after abortion; a secular humanistic perspective is also present, with many pro-abortion references; no language; no violence is displayed but much is described pertaining to abortion, talk of abuse; mention of premarital and marital sex; no nudity; reference to drunkenness, drug use; several accounts of betrayal, abandonment, poor moral influences, though not condoned.


Set Free (2011)


CastStephanie Young

NarratorDana Russell

WritingDavid Burke

Directed byShane McMullin

ProductionJennie Stoner, Judy Cooter


  • Faith
  • Educational
  • Documentaries
  • Shorts