In the Name of God

Average rating: 3.6
1 hr 26 minNR

A dramatic film about earning respect, never giving up on people, and putting others first.

In the Name of God

Recommended Age: All Ages

Very strong Christian worldview and redemptive elements with references to God, Jesus, salvation, prayer, repentance, heaven, the Ten Commandments, and quoting several Bible verses, characters emphasize the need to treat God’s name with reverence, very strong depiction of biblical moral values including trust, respect, forgiveness, compassion, faith, honesty, hope, obedience, diligence, and love, the value of doing hard things and pursuing things with excellence is emphasized; no profanity or obscenities; no violence except for two incidents of graffiti vandalism; no sexual content; no nudity; no alcohol consumption; no smoking; disobedience, disrespect, vandalism, and lying.


In the Name of God


WritingKevan Otto

Directed byKevan Otto

ProductionDamiano Tucci

Danny RothStarringPete Freeland

John Ratzenberger, Eric Roberts, Robyn Lively