Kids' Ten Commandments

Episode 10 hr 27 min

The Not So Golden Calf

While MOSES is up on Mount Sinai, the people lose faith and build a “golden calf”; selecting SETH’s calf, JACOB, as the model. They all learn there is only one living God, and worshiping someone (or something) above God is a huge mistake.

Average rating: 3.4
The Not So Golden Calf


CastPeter Strauss, Paul Winfield, Jodi Benson, Jesse Corti, Brian Cummings, Jeannie Elias, Maurice LaMarche, Chris Marquette, Mona Marshall, Rob Paulsen, Tim Curry

WritingGeorge Taweel, Rob Loos

ProductionGeorge Taweel, Rob Loos, Injay W. Tai, John Davidson