Kids' Ten Commandments

Episode 40 hr 25 min

Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts

AAMOS a rat is accused of stealing. Sleazy singer Simeon’s monkey is the true culprit. SARA, a newlywed, nearly falls for Simeon’s advances. Amos exposes everything and all learn the consequences of stealing and betraying a sacred trust.

Average rating: 3.3
Stolen Jewels, Stolen Hearts


CastPeter Strauss, Paul Winfield, Jodi Benson, Jesse Corti, Brian Cummings, Jeannie Elias, Maurice LaMarche, Chris Marquette, Mona Marshall, Rob Paulsen, Tim Curry

WritingGeorge Taweel, Rob Loos

ProductionGeorge Taweel, Rob Loos, Injay W. Tai, John Davidson