That Girl

Episode 50 hr 25 min

At the Drop of a Budget

Under hypnosis at the dentist (guest star Monty Hall), Ann is mistakenly told to buy anything at the drop of a hat at the same time Donald is trying to help her work on a budget.

Average rating: 4
At the Drop of a Budget


Directed byRuss Mayberry

CastMonty Hall

WritingEd Scharlach and Warren Murray

ProductionSam Denoff, Bill Persky

CastMarlo Thomas, Ted Bessell, Lew Parker, Bernie Kopell, Rosemary DeCamp

WritingSam Denoff, Bill Persky

Directed byBob Sweeney, Sidney Miller, David McDearmon, Jerry Davis, Seymour Robbie, John Erman

ProductionJerry Davis